April 18, 2008

Confessions of a Melaleuca Junkie


You know you're infused with Melaleuca when......

Your two year old sees the big brown box with the leaf on it and
yells, "Vitamins!"

Your two year old writes on the wall and yells, "Sol-U-Mel to de

Your two year old is under your desk chair, and you're poking at him
trying to keep him quiet while you visit with a new prospect. At the
mention of the name Melaleuca, he whispers, "MelUka.com!" Now I
wonder how many times he's heard me recite that!!

It's also great when you get the call from your child's teacher
saying, your son wouldn't wash his hands today because he kept saying
that soap might be toxic.

Or the next year when the teacher tries to clean up a mess and your
child starts lecturing her on the dangers of household chemicals.

Or when you had to bring your son to an in-home because it was a
couple of hours away and there was no one to watch him. So he decides
half way through the presentation that he can do it better than you.
Everyone actually let him do a couple of pages, and he pretty much
got it right on. He is 8 at the time.

You are in the middle of a face to face, one on one presentation with
someone from your 'chicken list', your husband walks into the house and
butts into the conversation by saying . . . "you won't believe the
money that you will start saving at the grocery store!..." or "Honey
where's that magic stuff to clean my paint brushes?"

Whenever someone shares an illness or cleaning problem with you and
the first thing you do is grab the RM Barry Wellness Guide and tell
them to hang on, you're looking it up in the Melaleuca Bible!

You have an acquaintance who swears that chemicals are a normal part
of our lives and you just need to get over it, so you spend the next
week emailing her websites and other horror stories about illnesses
and injuries caused by chemical exposures, just to prove your point!

You take your own hand soap where ever you go!

When your own MOTHER lovingly puts the title 'DR.' in front of your name
when she sends you an e-mail with a question about a product. Signed, just
ANOTHER Melaleuca Maniac.

Your skeptic relatives call Melaleuca-the Malla Mella Cooa god-but they come to you for advice and products when they or one of their children is sick.

Your kids give people Melaleuca testimonies at LEAST once a week!!

Phyllis :)


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