March 23, 2008

Ah, Memories :)

I visited (was summoned to clean out) Mom & Dad's out-building yesterday to get some of my old belongings out of the rat-chewed boxes that had been stored there since around the late 80's, early 90's. Umm... silverfish. Have you ever had silverfish run up your arms like cockroaches? Ugh. I don't think I've ever jumped so high, lol. Anyway, this is an out-building, not a storage facility, so it is a welcome shelter for rats/mice, spiders, bats, birds, silverfish, roaches, snakes, and whatever else can squeeze through the slats. Oh, and dust! Old, swirling, scattering dust; which is what I inhaled for at least 20 straight minutes when I got excited about one particular box of porcelin (sp?) kitties and such. Hense, why I am sick as a dog this morning! I am missing church. I am missing an awesome sermon about Jesus Christ. And I am mad about it. And another thing: Mom, Dad, the Kid and I are all supposed to be leaving tomorrow for Edisto Island. - sniff - I don't think I am able to go. But on the other hand, I found some really cool memories I'd forgotten about. You know the kind of things I'm talking about; old letters from friends, graduation invitations, photos of friends, picture spreads I took back during my Black-N-White Photography phase, my bag of really cool marbles, drawings I did when I was bored in classes (they're pretty good! I can't draw like that anymore! LOL), a cast iron cooking pan, unbroken dishes(!), old Avon purfume (I'm not opening that! LOL), and sooo much more. Memories are so cool. Go dust of your old memories. I guarantee you'll smile at least once :)
Have a beautiful day!

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